Boise Street Market Experience

IMG_4161.JPGSaturday September 2, 2017

When family friends come into town, there is nothing better to do than to get up early and keep up with the happenings in town. The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic took place this weekend in Downtown Boise, so of course we had to go. When I say balloon classic, I don’t mean helium balloons that you get at the dollar store, I mean massive hot air balloons from all over the world. One of the balloons that we saw, was built in Brazil by Libra Balloons. It took nearly 2,000 yards of fabric, and 5 miles of thread.


IMG_4183.JPGAfter we spent around an hour at the park we remembered that the street market was open, so we walked a mile back to our car, and drove to the market. I was amazed at how many people go out to support all of the local  businesses. I was also amazed at how many of the products and businesses I had never seen or heard of before. One of the amazing businesses for example was Thunder Mountain Teas. They had so many options and they were all so good. I highly recommend checking out their website. We bought the Peachy Peach so if you want a marvelous peach tea I would start off with that one.

Somewhere within our market wondering we found ourselves in freak alley. If you are ever in the Boise area and want something to do, freak alley is a must. For starters, its almost never the same when you visit, its constantly changing. Now you’re probably wondering what it is. Freak Alley is a little alley in Downtown Boise, that is completely vandalized… on purpose. People pay for spots, and then they add their special mark to town. Here is some of the great artwork that was up this week:


Later in the day, we went home and got ready cause it was the very first Boise State Broncos football game of the season! Although I am not a big football fan, I’m a big Boise State fan so I went with my parents, family friends, and boyfriend to the football game.

Also disclaimer Boise State won!!

Thanks so much for reading!

Much love and best wishes to you!

Ali ❤︎

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