Trying New things!

Over the last week, I have tried quite a few things I have never tried before. So I have 4 items that I’m going to share my opinions about. Comment if you’ve tried any of these products and tell me what you thought of them!!

CoffeeNut M&Ms

I loved these, Coffee flavored anything is just a good time in itself, but these were particularly good to me. They reminded me of chocolate covered coffee beans. Funny story, my sophomore and junior year in high school I took a bible studies class, and our teacher was obessesed with coffee. So one day sophomore year, he brought chocolate covered coffee beans for the whole class to try, and let me tell you, these things are BOMB. 10/10 recommend to anyone who likes coffee. Now these coffee beans got his energy going, and they made him extremely happy. On the last day of class junior year, a couple of the people in the class, brought him the chocolate covered coffee beans, and I don’t think I have ever seen him as happy as he was in that moment. His eyes got wide and the smile on his face was from ear to ear, and all you could hear was his daughter in the background saying “Oh no.”

Cookies & Screeem M&Ms

Okay these were good, and I had a really bad sweet tooth so it definitely attained my craving, but they were not what I was expecting. They were simply dark chocolate with white chocolate in the center. I was expecting it to be white chocolate with cookie crumbles inside of it, so I was a little disappointed. But either way dark and white chocolate together is amazing so they were still really really good.

Horned Melon (Kiwano)

Either you have tried this fruit, or you had never heard of it. I was with you, I didn’t even know this was a thing. I was at dinner, and my aunt tells my little cousin, “Oh hey Mak, I forgot to tell you that I found you another weird fruit” So of course I was intrigued. So I asked Makynlee what that meant and she told me that she loves to try new and weird fruits. I told her I wanted to try it too and her initial reaction was “YOU HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT THIS!!” So of course I couldn’t let her down, plus this was actually a really cool experience, so heres a bit of a fair warning, that I will probably continue to blog about the weird fruit that we try. With that being said, lets get into the weird fruit.

Alrightso the fruit itself, is an orange melon, with spikes on img_4394-e1504903906422.jpgit, hence the name “Horned Melon”. When they first cut it I was sitting in the other room, and I hear Makynlee say “It looks like boogers.” Oh yeah, that is  definitely something I want to put in my mouth. But I proceeded to do it anyways. It did indeed, look like snot. So before I put it in my mouth, I wanted to look it up and see what it actually was. According to Wikipedia it is a traditional food in Africa, and the flavor isBanana and Passionfruit.  So, alright time to try it. So the texture is really slimey, and we spit the seeds out cause you don’t generally eat mellon seeds. It tasted like a really sour banana. To me, it tasted like a lime banana mix.


Review. It wasn’t bad, but too much of it would be too much. If you eat a little bit, its decently good. But I will probably never eat it again. But I like that I tried it so now I can say I’ve tried Horned Mellon.

Matcha Lemonade

I have always wanted to try a drink with Matcha powder in it, and I was already planning on coming to Starbucks, to write this particular post, so I figured, why not. So I looked at a few options, and decided Matcha Lemonade sounded good, so I ordered it. It tastes just like a tea and lemonade half and half, but with a bit of a twist. I don’t exactly know how to explain it, so I just recommend you go to your nearest Starbucks and try it for yourself!

Thanks for stopping by!

I hope you’re having a great morning, day, or night,

Much Love,

Ali  ❤︎

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