Weird foods Pt. 2

Hello Lovelies!!

So if you read my Trying New Things blog post last week, then you know I am going to start posting weird fruit/ foods that I try with my cousin Makynlee. Well this weekend we decided we wanted to try some more, so we went to Rosauers Supermarket and got some more exotic fruits.  I am going to do my best to say where they come from, and the prices of them (in American currency), if you want to try them for yourself!


The first fruit we tried, Lychee is also known as a Chinese Cherry, but it originated in India, and is native to Southeast Asia. We got 5 Lychee’s for $1.52. The outsides of them


reminded me of Raspberries, but they definitely did’nt


taste like raspberries. To eat them, you cut a slit in the skin, and peel off the flesh. Then it is a white, fruit, with a brown see

d in the middle. I personally did not like these, I thought they tasted like dirt. But Shelby, one of my friends whotried the fruit with us, and my mom, said that it tasted like Mandarin Oranges.

Dragon Fruit

IMG_4529When we were checking out of the store, the cashier told us that when she tried dragon fruit it tasted like crunchy water. So of course I was kind of nervous to try it. Makynlee said that she has had dragonfruit twice before, and one time it was really good, and the other time it did intact taste like crunchy water. Dragon fruit was $7.28, and it is native to Mexico. We got lucky cause our fruit did’nt tasteIMG_4530 like crunchy water! Dragon fruit has a subtle sweet flavor, that isn’t overwhelming at all, in fact you might say that it is underwhelming. It is really pretty looking, and its got good flavor, but its definitely not a everyday favorite.




Thanks for reading! If you try these foods out comment what your opinions about them are!

Much Love,

Ali ❤︎

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