Relaxing Night Routine!

Hello my Beautiful Readers!

Lately I have been having a bit of writers block, or lack of inspiration. Ironic I know cause my blog is legitimately names Waves of Inspiration. But I’ve been trying to get re-inspired. Last night I was sitting in the bath, having a relaxing night, and my inspiration came back. Since I was having a relaxing night when it came back I figured why not have my first re-inspired post be a Relaxing Night Routine!

Lets start with some necessities


Okay, so for starters you have to be in a clean and happy environment. This weekend we put some decorations up in my room, and I went through and cleaned my room up a lot. It was a space I wanted to be in. But that isn’t really a necessary step. Its just a preference.


Tea is my personal favorite for this because there is so many options, and it sets the tone for relaxation. You can drink coffee if thats what you’d like, I prefer not to do that because it would keep me awake all night long. As I am underage, this next option does not apply to me, but if you are of age, then wine or alcoholic beverages could also be an option.


Candles are a big part for my relaxing night. I have the Aromatherapy Relax Candle from Bath & Body Works White Barn. It is simply amazing. I also love the Spiced Pumpkin Candle that I also mentioned in my September Favorites Post.


Bubble Baths are a must. I like to either use a Bath & Body Works bubble bath, or a random soap. But recently I have been using Dr. Teal’s Soothe & Sleep with Lavender Foaming Bath. This bubble bath makes me feel relaxed and Soothed. It also has epsom salts in it so it will relieve muscle aches and pains.

Now the actual routine

Depending on the day of the week, or how your day goes, you could be just getting home from school, and start your day off early, or you could be getting home from work, or hanging out with friends, or basically anything else. This routine could be changed from thirty minutes to five hours, depending on how much time you have. This is going to be based off of my life, so its going to be exactly what I do.

  1. I start by making some tea, or noodles, or sometimes just some cold water.
  2. I go in my bathroom and draw a bath, and put bubbles, and epsom salts in it, and occasionally put a bath bomb in it.
  3. I get a towel and robe ready and set it off to the side
  4. I grab my laptop and place it on the toilet lid, so I can watch some netflix or youtube while I’m taking my bath.
  5. I take off my makeup and put on a face mask.
  6. I get in the bath and take my face mask off after 15 minutes.
  7. I wash my hair and just chill. I can read, or watch netflix.
  8. Then I get out of the bath and light some candles and go cuddle up with my tea and fuzzy blankets and watch tv until I fall asleep.

You can add or take away from this routine, make it your own, or completely ignore it and don’t do anything on it. Whatever you decide to do is perfectly fine with me. I just know that I personally love to take advice from these type of posts, so I wanted to share my take on a relaxing night routine. If you like this post let me know down in the comments. Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to check out my little site.

Much Love,

Ali ❤︎

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