Best Homecoming Ever!

Moving to a new school senior year sucks. Just to put it simply, its hard and it is nerve racking. But Senior Homecoming is a must, no matter if you like your school or not. I am so happy I went to homecoming this year, and I am so happy that I got to go to homecoming with my boyfriend Ryan (introduction to him, and the rest of the people important in my life coming soon).

Day Date

Friday night we were trying to come up with an idea for what to do for homecoming, and nothing really sounded that great. So I had the idea, how about we go to Zoo Boise! We were both down for the idea, so Saturday morning we got up and went to the zoo. It had been a long time since either of us had been to the zoo and we were both extremely excited. When we got to the zoo, I really wanted to do an animal encounter, so we found the sloth bear encounter, and we got to feed a Sloth Bear mealworms.


After feeding the Sloth Bear we just wandered around the zoo, and looked at all of the animals, We also fed goats and Llamas, and got to check out giraffes, lions, tigers, penguins, monkeys, and a lot of other animals. I just have to say that zoos are pretty freaking cool.


Ryan and I also took a lot of cute pictures on the kiddie toys and I like how they turned out so I decided to share them with you guys.











We were both getting Hangry, and decided to get some food, and obviously Red Robin was the best option. Hangry Ali and Ryan isn’t a cute Ali and Ryan, not to mention I really wanted a Whisky River Barbecue Wrap, so thats what we decided to do.

Getting Ready!

I hate doing my hair, its a royal pain in the butt, so I got it done by a stylist at Premier Hair Studio  We spent an hour there, and just relaxed and got ready till about six o’clock. When we went across the street to my cousins house and got pictures taken, and then we went to dinner, so now onto the next subject.


If you know Ryan and I, You know that were both obsessed with sushi, so obviously for homecoming we have to get sushi, Its just a must. So we went to Kyoto’s Japanese Steakhouse and it was amazing. If you’re ever in Boise I highly recommend it.

The Dance


I personally think that we looked pretty bomb, and the dance was really fun. The music that they played wasn’t the best, but the slow dances were a lot of fun. I really enjoyed this dance.

Also Big thank you to Ryan for taking me to my senior homecoming, he’s definitely the best, and I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to read my post, also disclaimer, get ready for some traveling posts coming soon!!

Much Love,

Ali ❤︎

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