Airplane Essentials

I have a love for traveling, and I’m sure most of you do too. So here I have my list of airplane essentials to put in your carry on!

So for starters, you have to have a bag to carry everything in. I have the Victoria’s Secret Pink Backpack, it is filled with pockets and works great! Now let’s get into the good stuff!!

  1. Blankets are a big must, not only for the plane, but for the hotel too!!
  2. A book. Come on, we all need something to do on the plane, + eat pray love is awesome.
  3. Sunglasses, no you’re not gonna wear them on the plane, but when you get off the plane just throw em on!
  4. Wallet. Money right? You’ve obviously gotta buy things!!
  5. Notebooks! I have 4 notebooks in my travel bag, the striped one is an idea book, the normal composition notebook is like a thought diary, the yellow one is my blog schedule, and the brown one is my vacation journal!
  6. Phone, because who leaves home without their phone?
  7. Neck pillow. I actually didn’t bring this with me cause I didn’t have room and the flight wasn’t that long, but for longer flights it is a must.
  8. Headphones and Charger, kind self explainitory, speaking of I really should plug in my iPad right now.
  9. On that note, iPad, to get work done, or to watch movies, or play games, or whatever suits you.
  10. Pens and Highlighters. To write obviously
  11. Chapstick, to keep your lips soft
  12. Gum, (not pictured) to help your ears pop, mine get really bad.
  13. Snacks and earrrings, for when you get off the plane.
  14. A change of clothes, cause airport clothes are generally sweats and leggings.
  15. Purse, to put things in when you get off the plane.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and there’s a lot of diary typed travel blogs going up soon so stay tuned!

Much love,

Ali ❤︎

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