October Favorites

I can not believe that it is already November. That is completely Insane to me. But October was a pretty good month if I do say so myself. There was a lot of highs, and a few lows. It was exciting and exhausting and stressful and inspiring. Basically this October was jam packed full of crazy things that happened in my life. But instead of focusing on the negative things that happened during October, lets look past that and focus on the positives! Which is why today I bring you a October Favorites Blog Post, so that hopefully you can get inspired and check out some of these items to make your November great!!


I am sure you have all heard of this brand from the U.K, that is against animal cruelty and all of their products are vegetarian. I have loved Lush for the longest time, but I bought their Season’s Greetings Gift Set, and I LOVE IT. I mean come on, who doesn’t love bath bombs, and bubble bars, and bath oils. It smells amazing, and I still haven’t used everything. I am loving going through all of my new little goodies.

Pumpkin Spice

Okay okay, I know you’re probably thinking “Come on Ali, give us something new and exciting.” But this is cool and exciting. Have you ever had bullet coffee? Cause if you haven’t you’re missing out. But mind you, I don’t do it like they say in the link.

What you do, is make Keurig coffee, or whatever kind of coffee you want. Then you put in the coffee syrups, that you can buy at a cash and carry or pretty much every other store. I use pumpkin spice, and white chocolate. Then, you pour all of the above into a bullet mixer, and add heavy whipping cream, and blend it together. Voila. Amazingness.

Eat Pray Love


I was definitely in love, and obsessed with this book all month. I was actually really sad when I finished it and I highly recommend it. Plus, anything by Elizabeth Gilbert is just destined to be AH-MAZE-ING am I right? It took me a while to get through it, cause it is a decently long book. But as soon as I started to get really into it all I wanted to do was read this book, I could barley put it down.


Fall Scented Candles

You all already know that fall scented candles are like, my favorite thing on planet earth, besides fuzzy stuff. But these candles are particularly cool, because they have my face on them. I went to Yankee Candle with my boyfriend a while ago, and got some candles, and they put our faces on them for a dollar extra. It was so worth it, and they’re the cutest things ever, not to mention that fall scents, are just flat out heavenly.


I got my journal from Target, and I journal in it every day. It is really cute, and I like being able to get my mind off of things. I got the grey one, and my best friend Shelby got the blue one, they’re both high quality and we both love our journals. I am excited to continue journaling and digging deeper into who I am.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

I went to Bed Bath and Beyond, to look for a chair to go in my room, and while I was there, I walked past these salt lamps, and I HAD to have one. I am so  beyond happy that I bought one because I LOVE mine. They’re such a fun decor item, and they are said to have health benefits. I don’t know for sure that the health benefits actually work, but I like to believe that they do.


My mom bought me a new scentsy warmer, because the one that I had previously was zebra print, and it had a large crack down the middle that was super glued back together. I am extremely grateful for the warmer that I have now, because not only does it smell amazing, but it also has succulents on it and I have just been begging my mom for one for months now!



Okay so I have never really had a super fall outfit, but when I saw this scarf, It was kind of an inspiration to me to get more and more fall related clothing. So This month I bought a sweater dress, and Burnt Orange turtle neck sweater, and this scarf. I don’t have pictures of the other two items of clothing but if you follow my instagram, you will more than likely see them on there!

I also wanted to point out that I have instagram polls all the time, so if you want to have a bit of an influence on what I post, follow me, and vote!

Thanks so much for reading,

Much Love,

Ali ❤︎<<

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