Where I’ve been.. + fun things coming up!

Hi my beautiful readers.

I want to start by saying thank you for your patience. I haven’t posted in just under a month, and to the people who love reading my blog, that is probably frustrating for you all, and I want to apologize. At the beginning of November I decided to join a blogging online course, to introduce me to more advanced blogging techniques, and ways for me to connect to you all, my amazing readers, and family, on a more personal level. I got a few days into the online course, when they said that it was time for me to get an email list, and I was very excited about it. I signed up to the website, and got everything set up and went to bed feeling good. I woke up the next day, and went to school without a worry in the world. At lunch I got a phone call from this company that I signed up with, and they told me they were going to help me to make sure everything worked out good. So we talked for a couple minutes and he said “are you 18 yet?”. Right there I knew it was over. I hate that in this society it’s so hard for people underage to pursue what they love, because they aren’t 18. Mind you I am 3 months short of being 18, so it’s even more frustrating to me because I am just as capable at 17 and 9 months, as I will be at 18 years old. I am perfectly capable of having my own blog, and working on creating my own business, although I am underage. So I shed a few tears, and then said I would try again when I turn 18. An hour or so later, I got a direct message on instagram, saying that a different company would like me to join their program, so I would be able to sell beauty products to my followers, but once again, my age came into play and the offer disappeared. As I was already extremely disappointed from being 17, I shed some more tears, and fell into a funk. For almost an entire month, I had zero motivation, and when a little motivation would emerge out of me, I didn’t have any inspiration. So I would continue to be upset and irritated. It got pretty bad for a week or so, and then I just decided I didn’t like feeling like that, so I took some more time trying to get myself back on track and ready to recommit to blogging. I wasn’t really planning on being ready today, but I started reading #girlboss by Sophia Amoruso and I found a lot of inspiration. That being said, not only am I out of my funk, but I also have an exciting announcement for you!!

If any of you watch YouTube and Vlogs, you know that a lot of Vloggers do #vlogmas, well I am taking my own spin on it and doing #blogmas. I will be posting every day leading up to Christmas. I have a lot of exciting posts planned and a lot more that I am working on.

Happy Blogmas day one! And happy December!

So once again thank you all for your patience, you mean the world to me and I love you all so much!


Ali ♡

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