Chocolate Gold Palette Review!!

Welcome to my Blog! Whether you are a new reader, or you have been keeping up with my posts for a while, hello, my name is Ali and I am so happy to have you here! We are in a series called Blogmas! Today is day 17! Not only, are we a week away from christmas eve, but we are also 2 months away from my 18th birthday! Thats insane!! 

My boyfriend Ryan and I did our christmas exchange today, and one of the gifts that he gave me, was the Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette! He’s so sweet, and I am so thankful! I decided to do a first impression and review post!! So lets get into it!



Lets start with the information from the box! This product is a metallic/matte eye shadow palette made with 100% Natural Cocoa Powder, and REAL GOLD!!!! Too Faced, you’ve done good.

This palette smells just as good as the other chocolate palettes, and its just as beautiful!

It has 16 shades, 14 are .03 oz, and 2 are .06 oz. It has 12 beautiful metallic shades, and 4 matte shades!


The packaging is SO CUTE I love the gold dipped concept, it is A D O R A B L E!!!!


I am in love with the mirror, Its at least 2X the size of the other too faced mirrors! I am also obsessed with all of these colors, and I can’t believe that they’re gold and cocoa infused!


I swatched all of the colors, although I am no “Pro” but I Love the colors, and I think these swatches are beautiful!

Thank you so much for reading! Don’t forget you’re amazing, and you mean the world to me!


Ali ❤︎

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