Christmas Eve & Traditions!


Welcome to my Blog! Whether you are a new reader, or you have been keeping up with my posts for a while, hello, my name is Ali and I am so happy to have you here! If you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you know its blogmas, and by the title of this post, you know it is christmas eve! That means, tomorrow is the last day of blogmas, and tomorrow will also be my last post in 2017! Todays post is more or less a ‘day in my life’ styled post, but it will include some fun traditions as well!!

For some odd reason, this morning I woke up at 4 a.m. and couldn’t fall back asleep. So  my day started with me watching weird Facebook videos for hours this morning, until I got up at 7 and had some oatmeal with my parents. After breakfast, I went to my bathroom and got ready. This year, christmas eve is on a sunday (obviously) so we had church this morning. We went to church at 9:30, and were home before 11. We came home and picked up the house again, and once again, got ready. This time we were going to the movies. Me, My parents, My aunt, My two cousins, My cousins friend, My aunts mom, My Aunts Aunt and Uncle, and My Aunts future cousin in law, (Wow that was kind of complicated) All went to see ‘The Greatest Showman”. Let me tell you, that movie was bomb and I highly recommend it to everyone.

We got home from the movie around 2, and went home and just hung out for a few hours. My mom and I watched HGTV and played games on our phones and computers, until 4:45, when we decided we should probably get ready, because we went out to eat as a big family for christmas eve dinner. After dinner we came home, and began the traditions.

  1. I open a present every christmas eve, and it is always a game that we play as a family for christmas eve and christmas. (this year it was the game where you put the plastic things in your mouth and try to understand what the other people are saying.)
  2. I open another present on christmas eve, that is cozy jammies to sleep in on christmas eve night.

After opening the presents, we all hung out and played games until it was time to head home and go to bed.

Goodnight my loves, I hope you’ve had a wonderful christmas eve!

Question of the day:

Whats your favorite holiday tradition?

Thank you so much for reading! Don’t forget you’re amazing, and you mean the world to me!


Ali ❤︎

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