My 5 Favorite Iphone Apps!

Some of these apps will be kind of obvious, and a few might be things that you don’t know about. So lets just get into it!

1. InstagramImage result for instagram app logo



This is kind of an obvious, because you all probably already know that I really like instagram, but its pretty great.



Image result for insight timer symbol

2. Insight Timer

This is a great meditation app, it has guided meditations, and self meditations. SO cool.



3. Chip & Joanna Gaines House Flip

I got this game last week, and I am OBSESSED I love it so much!Image result for chip and joanna gaines house flip game logo








Image result for snapchat logo4. Snapchat

I use Snapchat on the daily! Definitely one of my favorites!




5. WordPress app

Image result for wordpress app logo

I love the wordpress app so much! I highly recommend having it if you have a blog, its a

blessing when I don’t have my computer.





Thanks so much for reading I love you all so much!


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