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Dont Listen To Them.


“We turn not older with years, but newer every day.”

-Emily Dickinson

This post may be directed to the young adults or teenage viewers, but I personally think that this could apply to anyone, in any phase of life. Whether you are 16, or 60, it does not make one bit of difference in my opinion. Realistically everyone is going through something different and no one should be worried about their age.

When I was sixteen, my dad and I started an online consulting business, and that really set me up for what I want to do. But my age being a restriction, made me very unmotivated, and It made it really hard for me to even care. I always thought “why should I even try if I am not going to be taken seriously, or I cant have any actual ownership access to this business, because I am not eighteen.” I wanted so badly to be able to have a serious business that people actually enjoyed and would actually pay to see results, but because of my age limitations, I gave up much to early.

Now here I am two years later, deeply regretting giving up on this dream, because if I would have persisted with my dream, I could be so much further along than I am now. This thought process I had that I was too young, was a mixture of my own self criticism, actual legal age limitations, and being looked down upon by society. I wanted to share this story, because if anyone is struggling with their age restricting their true passion, whether they think they are too young or too old, I just want to tell you DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAM!!! IT IS NOT WORTH IT! I wish I could go back and tell myself that now, but because I cant, I really hope that this message meets someone who needs it, because if this post can reach just one person, and make a difference, make someone continue to pursue their dream no matter their age, then owning this blog will all be worth it. Never give up.

I love you all,

Dont give up on your dreams


Ali ❤︎

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