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Starburst Sweet Heat! Hit or Miss?

I had heard of spicy skittles, but I never really expected spicy candy to be a thing, other than in Mexican candy which I LOVE btw. But the other day, Ryan and I were walking through Albertson’s trying to decide what we were going to buy for camping (post coming soon) and we came across these, and I threw them in the bag immediately. I would just like to point out that I am a HUGE fan of starbursts. I would eat them all day if they were healthy. Maybe that should be the next phase of candy, Healthy candy coming to you 2019, (if only..). Because I had already planned on trying the spicy skittles, and just never got around to it, I saw these and just had to go for it.

So.. Introducing to you..

Sweet Heat Starbursts!!

The flavors are Fiery Watermelon, Flamin’ Orange, Strawberry Mango, and Pipin Pineapple. (yay to adding pineapple and getting rid of plain orange, good job starbursts)

Review Time

I liked 3/4 of the flavors.

The Pipin Pineapple was my FAVORITE. Oh my goodness, if you like pineapple, it is worth it just to buy the whole bag for that flavor. PLUS there was more pineapple starbursts than the rest of them!!

The Fiery Watermelon came in second place, because who doesn’t love watermelon. It sort of reminded me of eating a sweet watermelon, with Tajín powdered seasoning (which I also recommend, because YUM)

Flamin Orange was good, but it wasn’t my snack of choice, and there weren’t that many in the bag. It had good flavor, and I would eat them again, but if they sold a bag with just the Flamin Orange flavor, I more than likely wouldn’t buy it.

Strawberry Mango, Yuck. Okay first of all, I need to admit that I HATE mango as it is, but this didn’t even taste like mango. Ryan ate one first, and his breath smelled like sagebrush, but I didn’t realize he had already had one of the starbursts, so I was really confused, until I bit into it. OH MY GOSH candy should not taste like the scent of sagebrush. Not okay, and not approved.

All in all, I will most likely probably buy these again, and just let other people eat the strawberry mango ones, but it is a satisfying buy and I am impressed.

Thanks for reading,


Ali ❤︎

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