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Do you journal?

Hello lovelies! I have been in a bit of a rut and have been having a hard time doing much of anything lately. For the past couple of days however I have been really into listening to podcasts and WOW I am inspired. I realized that I am the type of person who just lets things boil up inside of me and continue to just feel blah and don’t know what to do about it, who to talk to about it, or how to fix it. I am not saying my problem is forever fixed because (excuse my french) I know damn well that I have a lot more to learn, but I found a good outlet to start.


My newfound inspiration for journaling came from a couple different podcast episodes. I listened to the Lavendaire podcast, the episode titled “Journaling, Podcasting & Human Connection w? Katie Dalebout” and Kalyn Nicholson’s “Coffee Talk” podcast is my absolute favorite podcast on the internet right now and I recommend all of her stuff but her episode titled “Stop Waiting” in particular really hit home for me. As I was listening she started to talk about how when she journals she  just simply writes a question at the top of the page, that is weighing on her, and then she just free writes an answer. When I heard this I spoke the word “Wow” out-loud and realized that I don’t have to keep everything locked up inside of me all of the time and I don’t have to feel bad about myself for wanting to lay in bed or for not wanting to get work done. It is completely normal and okay to not feel great all of the time. Instead of sulking in it however, accept it and say “Okay now how can I change this to make myself feel better?”. One thing that I want to get much better about for the month of December is journaling.

I have had so many journals throughout my life, and none of them are full, and alot of them are just me simply talking about the events of my day, rather than breaking down how I am actually feeling.


How all of my old journals are:

November 29, 2018,

I woke up and had some coffee, and then the guy came to fix our fridge and had the wrong part so we still cant use our fridge. Then I went to class, wrote a blog post, and then went home. Now I am going to hang out with Ryan and probably am going to get frozen hot chocolate.

Now I think that we can all agree that this is a way to journal, to recount the events of the day, but its not the way I want to journal. I want to transform my way of journaling from “How was my day?” to “How am I feeling?” because I think that it will be much more beneficial to me. So now I want to know, Do you journal? Leave you answer down below in the comments and remember to be positive.

Much Love,

Ali ❤︎


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